Brand Strategy

A branding strategy helps a brand to create a desired perception among the target audience which eventually becomes the beneficial reason for purchase.
The brands that inspire loyalty and enjoy diehard followership aren’t just created by any accident or miracle. They take that route by virtue of insightful planning. Blue Pigeon helps you to develop, refine, and implement insightful plans to achieve right positioning in the marketplace.
We put our efforts with our clients to analyze the competitive landscape. With careful and meticulous consideration of all the factors, we’re better able to establish right path for success.

Brand Positioning

When we talk of brands, there is anemotion associated with every one of it. Imagine a world without brands and their would have been no differentiation among products. There would have been no inspiration to buy a specific quality or type. We, at Blue Pigeon, understand this aspect of positioning and create a differentiation for your brands to provide your potential customers a reason to opt for your brand.
At Blue Pigeon, we have always cherished the idea that the uniqueness of brand sells more than anything. And our creativity reflects in the way we position our clients that creates a new segment in the market.
Our team of brand experts make sure that your brand gets the right positioning it deserves through the right communication plans.

Brand Architecture

Rolling out multiple brands? Is it going to be different brands under umbrella brand or product portfolio within a single brand? We at Blue Pigeon, takes into consideration the vision of company, pros and cons of every alternative and insights from our research to decide the brand architecture. Defining the positioning of brand or product, their launch strategy or marketing communication plan, we treat every phase of it as  project in itself to make sure we deliver the best.

Consumer Mapping

It is not by a miracle that a consumer gets to know and buy a particular brand.Identifying the ideal customer, tracking his daily activities, his interaction with the brands through every possible touch points, is what consumer mapping is. This exercise of consumer mapping is extremely important in keeping your brand abreast with ongoing market trends.

At Blue Pigeon, we always recommend consumer mapping for the brands to develop the need analysis framework of who the consumers are, what do they buy, how do they buy, where do they buy and when do the buy. Consumer mapping service also extends to analyzing key influencers, barriers to decision making and post purchase behavior. This helps our clients to identify disjointed gaps in the consumer experiences and thus discover opportunities where the skills are needed to be focused to enhance the overall consumer experience.

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